YFRB Finance

YFRB is a utility token that leverages multiple DeFi platforms to provide beneficial services to YFRB token holders. 

Non custodial

Users would need to execute their own instance of the flash loan arbitrage contract. This way users get to keep their private keys safe from prying eyes.

One click flash loan arbitrage solution

Non technical users can leverage our technology in the simplest way possible, everything will be documented and explained in a step by step process to execute your very own flash loan arbitrage contract.

Token requirement

Users would need a minimum of 50 YFRB in their wallet balance before the smart contract would even execute.

Meet the flash loan arbitrage trading world

YFRB connects multiple DeFi platforms such as Kyber, Uniswap, Aave, dYdX etc through it’s smart contracts to allow users to execute instant flash loans arbitrage trades.

  • Accessibility between multiple DeFI platforms
  • Instant trades
  • Low operational and liquidity cost

Token Allocation

  • Token Price1 ETH = 12 YFRB
  • Total Supply40000 YFRB
  • PresaleSeptember 9th
  • Pre-sale allocation12000
  • Circulating supply17288



Q3 Presale

September 9th

Q3 MVP Scan Demonstration


Q4 Web3js Integration for Web UI


Q4 Development of MVP


Q4 MVP Release


Q4 Flash loan arbitrage platform


Q4 Staking


Q4 Triangular arbitrage

September 9th

Our presale occurred on September 9th, we received an overwhelming support from our community and ended the sale within the same day.

Our MVP Scan demonstration can be viewed here: Twitter

Coming Soon

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Coming Soon


The whitepaper isn’t a finished product, we will be updating it as we move forward.

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